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Need Help? Call the Open Door's Crisis Intervention Hotline at 1-877-333-2470 or text them at 877-565-7744

  • The Open Door           Address: 334 Philadelphia St, Indiana, PA 15701
    Phone:(724) 465-2605

  • The Community Guidance Center       Address: 793 Old Route 119 NORTH, Indiana, PA 15701                         Phone: (724) 465-5576

  • Veteran's Outreach Article


National Crisis Lines


Screenshot 2023-07-13 113455.png

Filmed in San Francisco, California, the Minding The Elephant video was created to help destigmatize and promote awareness of mental health issues.



Destiny David's Video  HERE


presented to to the Suicide Task Force of Indiana County during the March 2014 meeting. Destiny has put toether a very moving compilation of clips from various anti-bullying videos (found on You-Tube) with R.E.M.'s song Everybody Hurts playing in the background.


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