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The Prevention Committee works to collaborate with local citizen groups, health and human service professionals, and schools to reduce the incidence of suicide through community outreach and education.  The committee will identify, review, and disseminate information about best practices that address specific objectives for suicide prevention.  The committee has been working with QPR Training's in the schools as well as spreading outreach into the community.

Chair: Chelsey Baroni, Family Behavioral Resources, LLC.


The Intervention committee identifies resources in the community which could be utilized in efforts to prevent persons from attempting to take their own life.  the committee coordinates resources, provides cross-systems training's on the resources and promotes their availability to the community.  They have been avidly working on Veteran Services and have implemented a monthly report to prove we have been aiding in Suicide Prevention


The Postvention committee identifies intervention supports for those affected by suicide, to ensure debriefing services are available, and to reduce the possibility of suicide contagion.  

Chair: Dr. Ralph May


Co-Chair: Joe Bujdos-A-I BDHP

Co-Chair: Robert Manzi

Walk for a Wonderful Life

The Walk for a Wonderful Life (W4AWL) Committee organizes the Suicide Prevention 5k Walk every year.  The event is held in September as it is Suicide Prevention Month.  The committee receives donations and make decisions on how to carry out the walk each year.

International Survivor's of Suicide Loss Day

The International Survivor's of Suicide Loss Day is held every year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. This year it will be held on Saturday, November19th 2022. SOSL Day is a day where survivors of suicide and suicide loss can gather for networking and to get their story out.  A video is observed nationally at the same time, and the event is closed with a group session at the end.

Chair: Laura McLaine, Hopeful Hearts

Would you like to join a sub-committee of the STF?

Contact Leo at or by phone at 724-463-8200 ext. 2

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